Danish design talents: interview with Gejst

Founded in 2013 by Søren Nielsen and Niels Grubak Iversen, Gejst is a fresh and unconventional design brand born in Danmark. We met the founders at the Stockholm light and furniture fair 2017, and ask them some question about their project.

What does “Gejst” mean for you?
For us Gejst is a sensation, in danish the word Gejst means enthusiasm and positive energy. Our vision was to create designs that could give this feeling to the customers, create products that would be get them involved and create positive feelings and improve their lives. But the meaning of the name is also something we use every day, it is our foundation and is part of everything we do, when we started the company we knew it would be an exciting journey and that it sometimes would get tough, so we would need some Gejst.


Are your projects ideas taken from you everyday life?
Some products are made because we feel we have a good idea and exciting idea, if we see there’s a need in the customers home. Other times we work with a more business-mindset and look at the market and our product portfolio to ensure we develop the product range in a natural and meaningful way. And then we talk to our resellers and get their opinions, after all they are the ones who have the closest relationship with the end consumers.

Where do you get the inspiration?
We find our inspiration almost everywhere. Sometimes it’s from architecture, art, nature, a material we would like to work with or even from music.
We see a detail somewhere and then its often somehow transformed into a completely other thing. Mostly we have to work with the ideas and concepts for a while, it does not happen that the ideas is just suddenly there when you wake up in the morning – it would be nice though.


Can you tell us at Dailyapple something really special or unique about your project?
We see Gejst as a brand that offers something special, we want to create design that are a little more edgy and challenging than many of our competitors.
Being a Danish company we obviously have a huge design heritage, and we are standing on the shoulders of the Danish design-giants of the 20th century.
We see that as a blessing and a privilege. Our designs are long lasting, we always aim to use genuine materials and avoid using flashy colors. At the same time we also want to challenge the conventions a little and hopefully make people more involved and their home more inspiring and bold. When you choose a Gejst product, its because you have made a conscious choice, and not just chosen the same as your neighbor. Gejst product are a little different, a little more challenging without being alienated from the Nordic style.

How much modularity counts in your projects?
As part of our aim to involve and inspire the customers modularity in our Bridge Storage System and Flex Organizing system is paramount.
Not 2 homes are the same, so its natural that the things you chose to have in your home can adapt to you, and not the other way around.
Even though the products are standard, you can put the parts together the way you want to. It comes back to the feelings of Gejst, -enthusiasm, positive energy and motivation. These are the feelings we want to share with the world, by making the products modular and customizable we seek to create these feelings, modularity lets you add your own personality and inspires you to take action. The home isn’t a static place, so why should the furniture and home accessories be?



Maria Alessandra del Vaglio